Tally ho old chap! I am here to show you some of the tool of the trade so to speak.

Brokerage Firm

The most important thing you need is a trading platform. I have been with the same brokerage firm since the 1990s and I firmly believe it is the best you can get. Trades are $10 a pop and backed by the fastest, most reliable and most professional platform around. It is as much for the professional trader as it is for the average Joe. Fill out the form for more information. You will only be contacted once and I swear by the Canadian oil sands that I will not send you any spam!


If you are starting from zero I would recommend making the smart move and getting the Stock Investing for dummies book. There is a lot to learn and this gives a great overview of it all.

About half of my analysis is based on chart patterns. This book will give you the basics you need to know to start analyzing the patterns that show up to experienced technicians.

Read this and get the dirt on where oil comes from and how it gets to the pump. Know that – and it’s a much longer, more complicated story than you think – and you will get an idea of how to play the market.

What moves the price of oil, historically and in the future? This book examines that and offers a startling prediction that will certainly be of interest to crude fellows


For the inquiring mind

What separates us from the common man, Mr. Livingston, is the quality of information we seek before making a decision. I suggest that any person intelligent enough to visit my website be intelligent enough to visit those that I find useful, so that he or she too may draw from their insight. Below are a few of my favorites that I feel confident enough to carry my good name as a crude fellow, Mr. Livingston.

Black Gold Disease

Black Gold Disease a mental repository of analysis on various issues including oil economics, psychology, the Middle East, and monetary policy

Sometimes what one needs is a fresh perspective from a young, educated mind to broaden one’s perspective of the fundamentals affecting the markets today, wouldn’t you say, Mr. Livingston? For that reason I am very thankful to have Mr. Jacob Hess at the helm of his ship, Black Gold Disease. Mr. Jacob’s blog delves into the politics and negotiations of what moves the oil and other major markets. I would recommend anyone with an inquisitive mind to take a glance at what Mr. Jacob has put together:

Jay On The Markets

The home of “Kaeppel’s Corner”

For those looking for cutting-edge market analysis and commentary, Jay Kaeppel has it. Isn’t making sense of the markets what everyone is seeking whence they investigate using the internet, Mr. Livingston? But when I am talking about market analysis, I am not speaking of the superficial robot-written rubbish found on MarketWatch or Seeking Alpha. Mr. Kaeppel’s coverage is original and in-depth with the charts and fundamentals to back it up. I do suggest visiting his site:

Jesse’s Café Américain

an oasis of civility in an increasingly uncivil world

Indeed, it seems the claim of being an oasis of civility is quite true, Mr. Livingston! I do enjoy a good visit to Jesse’s Café Américain, and not just for the exquisite photos of french délices culinaires. Jesse has a long history of insightful market research mixed with clever prose, Américain style.

Click here to read more from Jesse:

Jesses cafe americain