My trading strategy

It’s born from decades of trading experience having gained big wins and suffered devastating losses. From having learned to get over the emotion that will sink you and instead getting in a technical mindset to trade like a gentleman should.

It’s ridiculously simple.

It’s remarkably effective.

It’s for sale.

My trading strategy is specific for West Texas or Brent crude but can be easily tweaked for any stock, ETF, ETN or perhaps even forex pair. Buy it and receive a five-page explanation of the rules and applications of it to squeeze every drop of profit you can from the oil market.

What it isn’t: The trading strategy¬†doesn’t tell you how to find the ins and outs of buying and selling. It isn’t how to make predictions about where the market will go (that’s what the blog articles do). And it isn’t a guaranteed money maker (because be honest with yourself, NO strategy can guarantee profits 100% of the time).

What it is: My trading strategy tells you how to trade your money. It is complementary to the ins and outs that I pick on this site. It is impossible to predict the lowest lows to buy and the highest highs to sell, that’s why having a solid trading strategy is FUNDAMENTAL in maximizing profits on the good trades and minimizing losses on the losing trades. I can’t teach you decades of experience trading markets but I can teach you how to grow and protect the money you have.

This is the system I use to buy and sell oil. And I make money, Mr. Livingston. How about you?

Crude fellow’s trading strategy – $9.99

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