24 July, Is it getting hot in here or is that just me?

As my great grandfather and esteemed elephant hunter Sir Franklin Finklegoode IV would tell me whence I was but a lad sat upon his knee, “The doe may not have the tusks that a bull boasts, but when she charges, pull the trigger.”

To be perfectly honest with you I never knew to what exactly he was referring to. My dear great grandfather passed on at age 103, victim to a tragic course of irony when his favorite ivory elephant sculpture was knocked from the mantlepiece and struck him in the head while he was tending the fireplace. But now as I reflect upon his words spoken so long ago, dare I say, “pull the trigger?”

We are in at $10.10 and we are in at $9, however having followed my trading strategy you are in for more at $9 than $10.10. That should cost-average your buy in to about $9.30. Today the price is trading about that so I would like to declare a sell right back where we bought it the first time.

Or, perhaps you insist on adding your two cents?

Chalk it up, Mr. Livingston: Sell at $10.12.