1 December, 2016 Ka-Ching!

Oh what is that lovely smell, Mr. Livingston? Is that the smell of money?

Sell point hit

Oh, did we call this one or did we call this one, Mr. Livingston? Why yes, I do believe we did call this one. Today our sell point hit the mark at $11.30 for a gain of 10.78%. Indeed it feels nice to cash out (or cash in, for you short sellers).

I will let the oil market rest for a bit after the big news from OPEC to cut production to maintain prices around $50. We may have a new bottom here, or this may be the average price for the next five years. Either way, I believe that if we see prices fall 10% or so we may very well have a new buy point on our hands.

Either way, well done, Mr. Livingston. Now where is my well-deserved scotch on the rocks?